Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Caesar Robbins House finds a new Home ...

Caesar Robbins House - most recent address

There is quite a bit of excitement in Concord, Massachusetts today.  After a two year effort by The Drinking Gourd Project of Concord, The Caeser Robbins house is on the move and heading to it's new location.  The house formerly on Bedford Street is the home built and inhabited by the descendants of a former slave and Revolutionary War veteran, Caeser Robbins.  It is believed that Caeser Robbins son, Peter Robbins, built the house and that three generations of the Robbins family lived in the home.  

The house being prepped for the move

The Drinking Gourd Project Inc. has worked tirelessly to save the house from demolition and to find a location for the home so that this piece of history can be shared by many.  Their mission is to raise awareness of Concord's African and Abolitionist history from the 17th to the 19th century. How fitting that this house's final resting place will be directly across from the North Bridge and the Old Manse.  

Caeser Robbins house on the move

It isn't everyday that you see a sight like this one.  Standing on the corner of my own street and seeing this home being paraded through town was a sight to behold.  Minutes before the house turned onto the corner, the local public works department were only steps in front of the parade cutting down low tree branches and hoisting up telephone wires.  

The house on the flatbed truck

There was a sense of solemness as the house passed by.  This is our country's history being carried down the street on the flatbed of a truck.  

The Caeser Robbins house comes home

Here the house is only yards away from it's last stop.  Once the house is settled in it's new site it will be known as the Robbins House Interpretive Center and will serve as a historical marker to remember the African and Abolitionist history in historic Concord.  

Bravo to all the people who took up this cause - it is a good day for Concord.

see you soon,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Back from Brimfield 2011

Egg by Ellen McHale

We are back from our "Moms Day Out" at the Brimfield Antiques Market.  A great time was had by all but - man - are my feet killing me from all that walking!  It was a glorious day weather wise and that would probably account for the numerous people flooding into Brimfield on Thursday.  There is always too much to see and take in - you can't get around to everything and you vow each season to begin in a different locale. Somehow we always end up starting in the same exact spot so we can peruse our favorite booths in the beginning of our trip.  

Brimfield Beauties

I was the photographer so I didn't make it into the picture this time.  It was early in the day - so everyone looks happy, relaxed and ready to shop.  We were armed with our wish lists, our trolleys and our cash.  Truth be told - the fun is in the friendships and the journey - no need to buy a thing because the day is already such fun with just being together and sharing a laugh.  We felt that this show was bigger than last year's with more booths and loads of great stuff to sift through.  Perhaps it is a sign of some economic recovery or merely a sign of a winter that refused to let go.  We were all out there enjoying the sunshine and the camaraderie.  


We found vintage spools with worn paint still clinging to them.  Perhaps a table top vignette for these?

More Spools

Maybe we had a thing for spools this year - who knows?  One of us collects them in their largest size to make little side tables and plant stands out of them and they look absolutely gorgeous in her home.  

Vintage tin

There was quite a bit of tin to be found in all manner of decrepitude.  I like just a hint of wear and tear on them and enough of a clean center to place my artwork within.  These are great to manipulate into picture frames or mirror frames.  On their own they are works of art.

Jo and Grace checking out printer's trays

We took home vintage printer's trays ... which were so lovely and worn with a hint of color still clinging to the sides.  Mine will be turned into serving trays once I attach my vintage handles to the sides.  Grace and Jo are thinking of using the trays to corral their collections of potted herbs.   

It was a fun filled day - the only thing missing was a pedicure and a glass of wine at the end of the journey.  Next time we will make room for those activities as well.  You still have time to take a friend to  the Brimfield Antique Market as it is ongoing until Sunday May 15th.  

Stay tuned to see how we transform our finds and use them in our homes ...

see you soon,