Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello 2012!

My version of Whistler's Mother

Happy New Year to everyone.  Still no snow in the Northeast but we do have plenty of gloominess to remind us that we are indeed in the dark days of winter.  I find that it is hard to find inspiration in the weeks that follow the sparkle and delight of the Christmas/holiday season.  In a way, you have to actively search out things to bring you out of your creative slump and get yourself moving in the right direction.  It just so happens, that I started to work on a new series that would feature women in art.  Right now, I am just calling it my Hello Women series.  I started with one of my favorites - my interpretation of James McNeill Whistler's, "Whistler's Mother.  Like eating potato chips - you just can't stop at one ...

My version of Frida Kahlo

So I moved on to Frida.  I had so much fun thinking about the artist and viewing her self-portraits.  It was here when I thought that I would have each of my women say "hello"; plus I needed some fun cards to send to friends and family - just to say "hello".  I always think that you need at least three of something to begin to call it a series - so I moved on to ...

My version of "Mona"

The Mona Lisa or at least, the way I view her in her simplest form.  She looks thoughtful and at peace - I guess the way that I would like to be feeling.  My wheels are turning and now I am thinking of expanding upon my women in art series.  Maybe Vermeer's, "Girl with a Pearl" or Botticelli's, "Birth of Venus" will be what I tackle next.  No matter what I pick - it's humbling when you really study these works and see the incredible genius behind each piece.  I think it's time for a museum visit, a time to wander and explore.

My favorite museum is reopening, after extensive renovation, on January 18th.  The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston reopens it's doors next week.  Inside, ISG's incredible collection of art  still remains on display in her Venetian Palazzo as does her gorgeous courtyard garden. The renovation has given the museum a new music room, expanded cafe, greenhouse,  and a place for new exhibitions.  

The Gardner Museum is one of my favorite places to be inspired from the incredible artwork by the likes of Sargent, Whistler and Rembrandt to the ever-changing courtyard garden displays.  Walking through the ISG is like walking through a palazzo in Venice.  It is very reminiscent of my other all time favorite museum, The Sir John Soane Museum in London.  Like Isabella Stewart Gardner, John Soane bequeathed his home to the city with the stipulation that the home/museum and it's collection was  to be preserved exactly as it was left upon his death.  I believe that I've read that  ISG was inspired by Sir John Soane's home and decided to do the same upon her death.  

If you haven't been to the Gardner Museum in Boston or the Soane Museum in London - you have to put it on your must visit list.  I believe that the Gardner Museum is one of the most romantic museums of all time (take that Louvre!).  It is a great date place but is an equally great place to go with friends.  I'm heading there once it opens - first with some friends for lunch and then again in February with my hubby!

I think I'm now inspired ...

See you soon,