Wednesday, July 18, 2012

creative process ...


The creative process is tricky for me - life has a way of getting in the way.   I started working with sketchbooks at the beginning of the year to help me capture my fleeting thoughts, ideas and visions.  I was never organized enough to carry a sketchbook with me and I always thought that my ideas (being so remarkable at the time - at least in my mind) would never escape me. But thoughts and dreams are mere wisps and are easily overcome by everyday life.  Here today and gone tomorrow - what was that great idea for a painting that I had?  Something had to change and that something was me.

working in my sketchbook
I've  taken to using my sketchbook to record thoughts, words, doodles, paint colors, magazine tear sheets and random musings.  It helps.  It is way more fun than I ever thought it was.  I always dove into art straight away without a warm up or a stretch.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes - nothing.  I have to say that I have been so productive and energized with capturing my ideas - it spills onto other aspects of life.

collected ideas
It starts with some clippings, some color, some pattern, a paper towel roll dipped in paint, torn paper, a colorful clip and a smear of paint.  Looks fun doesn't it?

green and red thoughts

Those collected bits sometimes come together to form a random yet "finished" sketchbook page.  An old picture informs the feeling which in turn brings up colors and then words.  This might be all that ever comes of my thoughts on the subject or it might lead me to create a piece of art.

yellow, happy thoughts

Once you get going - it is really hard to stop.  Sometimes all you need is a quote or a word to get you going.  Knowing that your sketchbook is "for your eyes only" makes it easier to put it all out there ... the good, the bad, and the ugly.  ( I realize that I just quoted titles of two movies which really does date me). Now you might notice that I'm sharing a bit of my inner vision but that is my new approach to just letting go.  Not easy for me to do - sometimes.

my blue period - just like Picasso - not quite

My new found love of sketchbooks have opened me up to new ideas, exploration, a place to play with new techniques and a chance to warm up before I dive right in.  It's a confidence builder and I  want to recommend it to anyone who has a million ideas floating around but no net to catch them with.  

Beach Rose by Ellen McHale

Sometimes a page from your sketchbook will inspire you to create something like a piece of art, a fabulous meal, a line of poetry or a garden bed. 

Beach Birds

Sometimes it will open you to a new technique or style of work that you always wanted to try but secretly were afraid of.  It has been fun to see my thoughts captured in a book that is all for me and that I can go back to when inspiration seems to have dried up.  Everyone should have a sketchbook and you don't even have to sketch!  

"Walk this way" ~Aerosmith

In the immortal words of Aerosmith, "Walk this way" - I hope you will decide to follow me over to my new website and blog soon to be appearing in August.  I am so excited about the new site and I hope you will be too.  

Last night my beloved surprised me with tickets to the Aerosmith concert.  He knows that I'm secretly (not so secretly) in love with Joe Perry.  Our seats were incredible - a softball throw to the catwalk that Steven Tyler worked so well!  These guys rocked and put on an incredible show.  From Steven Tyler's "Dream On" to Joe Perry and his guitar - bands today need to take a page from their rock and roll text book.  Did someone say they are in their 60s?  I don't believe it - dream on.

See you in August same time - new place.