Tuesday, November 22, 2011

twinkle, twinkle ...

... little star (and heart)
I was inspired by an ornament that I spied in a BHG magazine posting a while back and thought I would put my own creative spin on an ornament or two.  I used some balsam wood hearts and stars and decoupaged them with pieces of vintage sheet music.  German glitter glass creates a warm and shimmery outline to the ornaments.  Lastly, each ornament is topped off with a vintage pearl button and a dangling chandelier crystal to catch the light of your Christmas tree.

Glitter Glass heart and star ornaments

I can't decide whether to hang them from the tree or tie them to packages as an added little something.

Nelley Kelley Ornaments

They look beautiful grouped together.  The German glitter glass is exceptionally shiny  and develops a lovely patina over time.  (unlike glitter which dulls, true glitter glass tarnishes and takes on a worn vintage look). 

ornament kits

I thought I would put together some ornament kits as hostess gifts this year.  It was fun to be out on the hunt for papers, buttons and crystals to add to my kits.  Everything you need to make an heirloom ornament is in the kit (except for the glue).  For those who don't like to make - I've got completed ornaments to give in it's place.  

Inside the tin

Half the fun for me is in the packaging ... 

All the goods you need ...

Inside are the ingredients needed to make a star and a heart ornament.  The only thing needed is glue to decoupage the paper on to the wooden cut-outs and for adhering the glitter glass to the sides.  They are ever so easy to make and look absolutely beautiful when they catch the light.  You could add beads or shimmery jewels instead of buttons or crystals and the shape is totally up to you.  These would make beautiful Valentine's gifts as well.

Letter bundle by E. McHale

With Thanksgiving days away, I'm working fast on this year's holiday card.  I've got a great family photo  from our trip to NYC this past weekend and the card is in the works.  Creating the annual Christmas card is one of my favorite holiday activities.  Wrapping gifts comes in at a close second. 

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving,

see you soon,


Friday, November 4, 2011

New Product Peek ...

Nelley Kelley holiday garland

I am happy to share with you a peek at a new little item I am working on for the upcoming holiday season. 

vintage modern aprons by Nelley Kelley

These aren't your Grandma's aprons ... although they do have the vintage vibe going for them.  They are a little more modern for us modern gals.  A half apron that just brushes the knee in beautiful Belgian linen.  Perfect for the stylish hostess who needs a casual cover for her fashionable frocks. 

photos by Ellen McHale

The aprons are 20 inches from waist to knee and have a generous amount of twill tape to tie around your waist. I've included a cute little Nelley Kelley loop on the other side so you can hang your apron on the pantry door.

apron with text

This apron features old text printed on linen.  

Nelley Kelley apron

Vintage mother of pearl buttons anchor each side of the apron strings.  Just a pretty detail because I like pretty details!


my mannequin all decked out in her finery

More to come as this elf gets busy in her workshop creating more special somethings for the holiday season.  I just wanted to share what I am working on right now and get your feedback ...

Happy Thanksgiving garland

One more thing to share ... the above Happy Thanksgiving garland is a great little project to complete in record time.  You need some metal tags from your office supply store, some twine, a little kitchen string and some stamps.  I soaked my tags in some tea to "age" them but you can keep yours bright white if that's the way you roll.  Stamp them with your message of choice and tie the tags onto your twine roping with kitchen string.  

Right now my garland is adorning my mannequin awaiting it's Thanksgiving debut when it will be displayed on an antique cutting board.  It looks ever so cute in person so come on over and take a peek.

Thanks for reading and see you soon,