Friday, October 1, 2010

just thinking ...

photo by Ellen McHale
I was, as they say, "having myself a good think" these last few days of summer.  Thinking about a new school year, a new Fall that leads into Winter, a new opportunity to grow my business and the importance of our family and friends in our life.  Of all the seasons, Fall seems to be the most reflective month for me.  It's a time to look at our  time here, where it's going and where it's been. For me it's been quite a journey from a personal standpoint to a business one.
Wilson Farm Lexington, MA
Last October I launched my website and officially started my new business venture.  To say I was scared was an understatement.  I had spent about one year trying to build a website on my own only to find that it is not as easy as you think.  My husband had the foresight to stop the insanity and found a web developer to help me put my vision onto the web.  Lorell of Rivervisions not only has seen me through my first year but has become a wonderful friend as well.  I've learned quite a bit over this first year.  I realize that a business is not born just because your website goes live but because you nurture it and you keep trying to improve upon it.  It's important to have champions -family and  friends that help to keep your chin up and tell you that you can do it and that they are proud of you for trying. The other thing I learned is that you have to sometimes get out of your own way.  Doing this has led to some exciting things for me.  I've got some new products on the horizon, new art and some awesome publicity coming my way soon.
Nelley Kelley studio
Rooster tea towel by NK

  I don't know where it will all lead but I am sure it will all be good.
Happy first day of Autumn ... see you again next week.


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